Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chaise Lounge cover

Yesterday we talked about the Snazzy Dog Bed I made, now what to do about cleaning my couch and keeping it nice? The dogs love their bed but in getting used to it, they briefly sneak up on to the couch and most often the chaise lounge.
My initial solution was to steam clean my couch - well, I am cheap  economical, and paying 200$ to have my couch steam cleaned every so often was not an option. Then I thought I will just vacuum it really well and often - not happening, I work full time and I have a hard time keeping my house in order as it is. I DO vacuum my couch as often as I can though, Kevin bought me the most beautiful vacuum (I love my Dyson) which does make it easier. But vacuuming alone didn't get it thoroughly clean - since I love to live dangerously I actually removed my cushion covers and WASHED them, in the WASHING MACHINE - I know, I'm sure you are cringing this very moment - they came out like new, maybe better than new, and they smell soooo good.  Nearly all the cushion covers can be removed, except the chaise lounge bottom, so my solution:

A Cover!
I had a old vintage bed spread my Mum had given me ages ago, the very first one she ever bought actually. I love the texture and the cream colour - usually I have cream curtains so the match it perfect.

 ...unfortunately it had huge holes all along one end and was very frayed from time and use. I have always loved it and used it to cover another couch prior, but it really looked rough. I took the better side of the bed spread and laid it on my chaise lounge pinned where it need to be cut or stitched and made a custom cover - it doesn't shift and it is so soft and easy to wash. I made a couple throw pillows to tie it in and voila!
I am blogging from that very spot right now!

Happy Sewing!
-Courtney Soleil

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