Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fabric fabric and even more fabric....

I found a cool a cool way to organize my fabric - it totally makes sense too! It seems many quilters know of this trick to fabric organization but I would have never known and been cutting up uneven cardboard pieces forever!

Use comic book backboards - who woulda' thunk it eh? I saw the idea here and if you read reviews on amazon apparently I am behind the times - in case you are behind with me here is your update in to 21st century sewing....
(It's only fitting I store comic book fabric on comic book boards right?)
You just fold your fabric in half (like most come off the large bolt at the store already) and then fold in top fold to center of fabric then selvage to center also. The boards are roughly 7x10" - I measured my folded fabric to between 9" and 9 1/4" so you'd see to board's ends once rolled.
Storing 1 to 6 or 7 meters is your range for these boards (they are like a thicker card-stock), and lower that end number if its a thicker fabric - I only used this storage method for my thinner fabrics and my baby quilting flannels - it just seemed to work the best.

 Because I do should but don't have time my share of quilting also, I have many beautiful fabrics with 1/2 a meter or less (some fat quarters also) and I wanted to be able to store them all together, but less than a 3/4 meter just doesnt wrap around as well. I took my trusty quilting ruler and cut some in half lengthwise, it worked perfectly!

I then folded in the raw end and pinned in place as above. I stood my mini fabric bolts up on a shelf... if that's how you will be storing them I suggest poking the pin in to the card also, it keeps the fabric from sliding down the board and bunching.

Don't they look oh so pretty and organized, much better than before. My "super mini" bolts are at the top to the left - they could be organized better (colour wise) but some of them are in order of quilt projects.

.....and just to keep it real, here is the rest of the shelves, they are in need of a mass organization too... all in time - as my in-laws always say "Home wasn't built in a day".

Happy Organizing!
-Courtney Soleil

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