Thursday, February 17, 2011

Family Room Makeover Project.....

After much ridiculousness and a really long time in Fabricland trying to decide on "the perfect fabric" for my living room, here is what my Mum and I finally decided on:
The bottom one is for throw pillows for my sectional couch (it matches really well, adds texture!) and the middle one is to add a valance and tie backs to my boring cream ikea curtains (they were left here by the previous owners, and well I can't pass up free...). On top is just a cheap fabric to use as a lining for the valance, but I kinda like it! Mum and I have been getting amazing deals on fabric lately, the pillow fabric was on for buy 1 get 3 free (worked out to around 3$ a meter), and the valance fabric was buy 1 get 2 free (worked out to about 4$ a meter)... I can't remember what the lining was on for.... but it was even cheaper - we even got the pillow forms buy one get one free.
The colours go really well with my family room, the sectional is a cream chenille with a hue of green to it, and the throw pillows that came with it have the same colour as the sectional and then a goldish colour, grey-green and goldy green, very much the colours of both above fabrics. I have a cream and light grey area rug, cream curtains, green walls (just a couple shades lighter than the valance fabric) and a beautiful fireplace. Though I always prefer silver or pewter over gold fixtures, the fireplace has gold trim and we got a free table set thats gold and pewter and a tall spider lamp in gold - I can't get away from it. Oddly enough, with having a greyish green colour in the couch and grey in the rug, and a few pewter accents - like on the table and a fire poker set, gold and pewter are getting along.
I promise when it is all finished I will post pics of the whole room too - as long as it doesn't all go horribly wrong... ( ha ha ha?).
I am also working on tons of other projects, and I still have a ton more fabric pics to post, like I mentioned further up, Mum and I got some great fabric deals.... can you say remnant bin? One deal we got was buy 1 get 5 free from the remnant/bolt ends bin, and most pieces were over a meter, such a variety too, I can't sew them fast enough - I am literally running out of space to keep them all!

I will update with more soon, promise!
Happy Sewing!
-Courtney Soleil

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