Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sewing Room

Today I am going to show off a couple things in my sewing room, my Mum has been here and has helped me organize!
Sewing Machine
Just before christmas I moved the sewing room from the smallest room in the house to the spare room (double the size!). I figured my sewing gets used a heck of a lot more than the spare bed (people stay over maybe 2-3 times a year?) so why waste all that space, well Kevy agreed. Not long after the room swap, my sweetie bought me a beautiful new sewing machine, so far I am just enamored by it...

I kept the old Janome for emergencies, but I am a Brother follower for life now. I did a lot of research on sewing machines before we bought this one, I knew I wanted something to do basic embroidery, mainly monogramming, and this one just fit the bill - It does everything I want and more. The only problem is being in Canada, we get overcharged for EVERYTHING, a basic Babylock (same company as Brother) with less features was over 1000$ on sale here and this machine was under 400$ new off ebay with shipping from Alabama! I have to say, apart from duties, ordering from the states is the way to go! Thank you Ken's Sewing & Vacuum Center!
Sewing Table
I got many things for christmas this year from my sweetie pie, some weren't wrapped and he doesn't see them as gifts, but to me the little things he does for me are the greatest gifts of all. One thing in paticular just made my year... He works hard all day then comes home and builds me a sewing table in the perfect height... 

Kevin even painted the feet blue (my favorite colour!)

 He took our old kitchen table (it was the pereft size, even has a leaf for bigger projects) and added an 8 3/4" base so it's the right height for cutting.
 The base acts as a great shelf for my rubbermaid containers - I keeps extra fabric, batting, clothing to repurposed and other misc. sewing things. Now I fit my scraps bin and garbage can there too. I am so fortunate to have such a sweet and supportive man.
A Little Bit of Organization....

 My sewing station - Machine, dollar store drawer unit with machine essentials (feet, bobbins, tools, etc.),   sewing caddy with pin cusion and thread bag (more on that later), but I found that idea on Craftiness Is Not Optional (I love Jess' blog) and she used This Tutorial from Sew Mama Sew!. Ok so I didn't actually use the tutorial I just guessed and I think it turned out pretty good! I swapped sides for the thread bag because it just worked better for me.
 I like to have my fabrics out where I can see them for inspiration, the really pretty ones anyways...
I found the original Idea for this ribbon organizer over at The Cottage Mama's blog. It would have been better if I could have found a pant hanger as widely spaced as Cottage Mama's hanger, but this is as close I could get, still works, just have to space them a rung apart (darn it).

 Here are my buttons, some more ribbon and my beautiful Sewing encyclopedias (my Mum is the best, she got them for me from a used bookstore in BC)
The button and ribbon jars were also inspired by The Cottage Mama's great organizing ideas. I bought a 1lb button bag from Wal Mart ans sorted them by colour and size (and sets) in small baggies then put them in jars, and from Fabricland my Mum and I got super cheap ribbon spools, too small for my ribbon hanger so I put them in a small jar so you can see all the colours. These jars were a set and were 5$ at Wal Mart (STEAL!!)

I will post more intermittently on my great room, promise - until then...
Happy Sewing! 
-Courtney Soleil

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