Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello New Blog!

Here it is, my first attempt at blogging! I think it is fitting to start the new year off right! I have been reading so many great crafty-sewie blogs that I just couldn't help starting one of my own. I can't wait to post all my crafty projects - I guess I have been preparing to start a blog for a while because I already have tutorials ready! I have been making everything from quilts to cup cakes this last while and I can't wait to share them - plus I have so many things I want to make still, my imagination is running wild!
My Hubby just bought me a brand new sewing/Embroidery machine for Christmas (don't worry, I have pictures coming!!!) so now the sky is the limit! I hope to have guest blog/tutorial posts from others once I get up and running, and since my Momma is one of the most talented people on earth, I will definitely be showing off some of her projects - and hopefully once she becomes computer literate (if ever) she can start a blog of her own and share her own masterpieces. Stay tuned, can't wait for you all to see my coming posts!

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