Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Soap Sock

Happy Tuesday!
Now this is a simple little project inspired by my late grandmother, Patricia. Post World War II there was rationing  going on all over the place, it of course effected the everyday man, woman and bar of soap  child. My crafty grandmother decided to make a "Soap Sock" out of foam to conserve soap and to prevent it from getting all icky and melted in the shower (ewwwwww.....) - if she hadn't done this project, I'm sure they would have been much smellier people.
I was so grossed out by melted soap that when I cleaned the shower I would literally chuck the bar away because it just didn't seem clean enough to be in the shower.... So when I mentioned my grossed-outedness to my mom, she told me my grandmother's story and I thought I had to think of something like that. I still don't know how the whole foam idea would work, and I really liked the idea of a washable "Soap Sock", so I played with some scraps of Nylon Lining (like you would find in a windbreaker jacket), some cotton chording, and a wash cloth (well half of one anyways).... Here is what I came up with:

You just slide the bar or soap in the top, pull the drawstring closed and Voila! No more icky melted soap. The nylon lining prevents the gooey soap from sticking to the terry cloth and also helps to create a lather when washing. It never gets smelly and when the soap is finally gone, I just wash and pop in new soap - I made one for Kevy and he LOVES it - the soap I think is coming up on it's 2 month life now. Saving on soap - CHA CHING!

Happy Sewing!
-Courtney Soleil


  1. I love this!!!
    Um. Do you scrub yourself with it or is it just for holding? lol

  2. Yes Susy you scrub yourself with it, I will be more specific lol