Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NEW TOY! (Coming Soon...)

Ok, it hasn't arrived yet - but I have to post about it... I finally ordered a Silhouette SD!!

My beautiful cutting master machine should be arriving in a week or so (I am so excited when I talk about it I make that high-pitched excited scream noise and Kevin just laughs at me...). 
I haven't found a dealer in Canada yet (Michael's has never even heard of them...), but the Silhouette company does deliver to Canada - so if you have an extra 300$ kicking around you can go nab yourself one off their site, if not there are always promotions in blogland and on ebay (I never pay full price for anything...). I got a great deal on my new toy, I was looking around at U-Create - they had a promotion code to get a few extras (rolls of vinyl, heat transfer etc.) with the machine, plus I got the whole package for 225$! SAH-WEET!!!
I will post a review and pics of my few first trials once it arrives...


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Happy Cutting (and crafting)!!!
-Courtney Soleil

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