Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Whiteboard Crazy

Now that things are pretty much starting to get back to abnormal again, I have kind of made myself a BIG project to start, slowly at first... My plan is to organize and revitalize my house to the nth degree (on a budget), one room at a time. I decided my starting point will be the kitchen, since it's the most used room in the house - I have it so planned out now, that I even drew a picture of what will go where on the microwave stand. Our kitchen is lacking in storage space, so organization is key. I'm going to need baskets, home sewn dust covers, newly upholstered chair cushions and a whole lot of mental stability (seriously, every time I open my pantry something falls out and hits me).

To kick things off, I started with a more simple (less daunting) project - that desperately needed to be done. This is our whiteboard calendar BEFORE, it's always been the hub of our home -  and usually it hangs between the front entrance and the kitchen.
As you can see, it was really ugly a little worse off for ware...
Kevin had it since he was in college, and I don't think it ever had a frame, and after a few moves from BC to AB and back.... it got a little beat up.

I have thought I would spruce up the calendar just a little bit, and plus we needed another whiteboard for some kind for grocery list and dinner menu plans etc. So here is the finished product:
Please ignore the thermostat in the middle, ugly, it makes a great place to hide the dry-erase marker though.
To make the mini whiteboards, I put craft paper in the frame instead of a picture - this is not an original idea, I know, I have seen it all over craft land. 
Thought I'd mention, those frames were only 3$ at liquidation world! 
You'll remember yesterdays post, and on the shelf above the ribbon was a frame just like these? I thought I could use one in my craft room too.
For the calendar, I would have loved to build a frame with wood and paint it silver the same as the mini whiteboards, but I am still pretty timid with tools - not that I don't know how to use them but they are Kevin's, for work... maybe one day. Anyhoo, I used black bias binding with rick-rack over top to make it pretty, then craft paper at the top to match the mini whiteboards, the month is a removable piece of craft paper. Pretty and functional, LOVE IT!

Stay tuned for more posts about my house revitalization.

Happy Crafting!
-Courtney Soleil

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