Monday, March 7, 2011

Ribbon Organizing and Pattern Weights

You may remember my post about my Sewing Room where I showed off the pants hanger ribbon storage idea - but since I couldn't find a hanger with rungs spaces far enough apart, I couldn't fit all my ribbon! While my Mum was here, she suggested we get a wooden dowel and hang them on there some how between a shelf of in the closet.... we were brainstorming what we could do that would be functional in my room. and TADA!
I had this shelf up already (Kevin's handy work!) above my cutting/crafting table, and I picked up 2 inexpensive tension curtain rods from Walmart to fit between the braces under the shelf, perfect size for all my sewing ribbon (and room for many more...). It Also makes a great place to hang my tape measure (I am constantly losing that thing!) and my extension chord for my glue gun.

***Ohhhh and see that picture frame up there? I know you didn't even notice it until now were wondering "what is that???" There will be more on that tomorrow!!!***

I still use the pant hanger for all my craft ribbon (wired ribbon for flower arranging etc.) but I like to have these ones where I always have easy access to them. I can take each spool off one by one if need be, but I like to just roll off how ever much I need from where they are.

Every person has different needs of a ribbon organizer, and different space restrictions to consider. Some crafters need portability, others need to be able to grab each spool individually without any hassle. Some ribbon storage ideas are a little harder to duplicate because they are so unique, but if you know the right people.... You have to really think about what is going to work for YOU.

Pattern Weights
I've had this project waiting to be posted since christmas for a while, but never got around to it... So here they are!! I wrapped the washers in dollar store ribbon (oh look at all the pretty colours!) and you can't lose these babies, no matter how cluttered your sewing room may be (heehee).
I originally saw the idea for this type of home made pattern weights  HERE, but I have been rediscovering similar ideas all over blog land. 

HERE and HERE are two more examples of the same Idea, except they also used nuts for their versions (I'll be making some of those soon too), where as the ones shown above are doubled up washers - cost me a whole 30 cents each from the hardware store. These are great, no more pinning! Definitely one of the most used items in my sewing room.

Happy Organizing!
-Courtney Soleil

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