Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snu Love Apron

My first home made apron! I feel so accomplished finally getting it finished - I only worked on it intermittently between shifts at work, so I guess it didn't really take long, but I am glad to have it done!

I used the Nae-Nae Apron Tutorial at Craftiness is not optional and modified it to suit me better.
I love the fabric! Look at the cute hearts, thus the Snu Love Apron. Had to have blue, my favorite colour.

I made the ties long enough to be able to do a bow in front...
Or wrap around the front then tie it in the back....
I like to repurpose as much as possible, so I lined it with a vintage sheet I had on hand. 
I don't like ties for the neck strap because I always manage to get my hair tied in them, so I did some buttons to the side instead.
I love V-Neck, and it's a little better fit when you are big busted like me (ha ha).

I wasn't sure about pockets, but I think I will use them, and they are so girly. Ok, I used pleats all over the place, they are so pretty though!
I love the bow.

I actually bought another brighter turquoise and yellow floral fabric because I couldn't decide which I liked better - so another apron may be in my future!

Happy Sewing!
-Courtney Soleil

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  1. awesome job! I love the little details you changed to make it suit you better-love that about sewing! the double pleat bottom is awesome!